Aren’t nativity scenes interesting? I can’t think of another holiday that we commemorate with a diorama. This little one is from Austria, courtesy of Martin, a remarkable finder of cherished objects.

I like the idea of setting up figurines to commemorate an event.  Little mannikins that remind us. And there’s the Frankincense.

This one is ceramic. In my homeland, Slovakia, nativity scenes feature figures made of corn husks. The thing I like about nativity scenes is that the maker always incorporates local themes and foods and fashion and animals into the scene. My family has a Peruvian nativity, where all the figures are made of brown clay. There are a lot of animals I expect were not witness to the actual holy birth. Why not add in llamas? All kinds of unexpected things make it in. Like the nativity scenes that use fake snow. Cause there was snow in Bethlehem, right?

Outside Toronto City Hall, the nativity is behind plexiglass, lest someone steal or vandalize the baby Jesus.  Hey, it happens; in 2008, hoodlums vandalized a drive through nativity in Georgia, USA.

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