The flowers bloom steadily and silently at The Ranch and at The Allotment (more on The Allotment later). With such an embarrassment of riches it seemed fitting to do something with them. Along with the joy of watching them grow, I practice harvesting them and giving them away to folks. This weekend I decided to take them to the park and sell them.

The harvest was bountiful; white and multi- coloured Zinnia; yellow, purple and blue Statice; Larkspur. Queen Anne’s Lace, Nigella, Echinacea, Poppy, Dusty Miller, and friends, made it into the cutting bucket. Back at the apartment I arranged them into bouquets, attached tags, wrote a little billboard, and blessed them all with long life.

Dave helped me haul them to the park. I set up the jars and vases on Great Grandma’s lace doilies, at the entrance to Trinity- Bellwoods Park. I spent a fine few hours people-watching and chatting about flowers with old friends and new strangers. I’ll be sure to post the next time The Lily Guild makes Bellwood Bouquets.

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