I usually water at The Ranch in the evenings, but lately I’ve been performing this wonderful chore in the morning. 

In the evening, the sun is sharp on the rooftop. The bees and wasps and other things with wings are busy doing their own chores, flying about, stopping here and there on a flower. 

In the morning, things are calmer and bluer. Sun just rising over the alleyway and everything sort of dewy and moist. Perhaps the wasps and hornets go home to sleep, but the bumble bees like to spend the night. Every morning, without fail, I find a little fellow curled in a zinnia (he likes the white ones), either right on top or nestled in between the layers of stiff petals. There are also a few who spend the night upstairs, in the purple statice.

They don’t seem to mind when I water around them and don’t move even if I get quite close.

I snapped this one a few days ago. 

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