So, I’ve been making a lot of paper flowers lately. Some are adapted from Livia Cetti’s book, some are of my own design. There’s a real joy to it. I’ve come to appreciate the flowers I’m translating as not only objects of beauty, but also as an incredible feat of natural engineering. Observing blooms and then building them gives me an understanding of nature that I find deeply gratifying. I hope I can convey that wonder and gratitude to folks who see and own these blooms.

So, I’m launching a paper flower project and hope to build a collection of blooms, both conventional (the kind you mind find at your local florists’) as well as more perennial and slightly more unusual, with a focus on our under-appreciated northern flowers. Currently, I’m building Bloodroot and Sand Cherry.

Here’s a gallery of my current collection. Please check back for new blooms!

Oh yes, these are all for sale. Please contact me through the CONTACT page or at for prices, availability, custom work and stunning arrangements.

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