I spent this morning gilding a raccoon skull.

It came into my life a couple of years ago, given to me as a gift from my landscaper chums, who found it in a garden. I bleached it and applied gold leaf and was pleased.

Obviously, it needed some flowers to adorn it, so I made some red Anemone with sparkly centres (too detailed to see here) and some fancy foliage and nestled it in there nice and cozy.

I feel like this is a return to doing some darker work, which I frankly favour. So.


Another commission from J.T.

The Lotus is so delicate, and yet so perfect and precise and consistent. I tried to convey  a little of that in this piece.

So, instead of using petals whose colour intensified at the base, I used several different shades to convey that gradation. The leaves are stylized in a green gray pearl colour.


We woke up to the first really cold day in Toronto this winter.

I get to spend a little part of my day sitting in bed looking out the big window in our bedroom. Today, the sky was blue. The smoke from the chimneys of the houses and apartments was gray and the big building on the corner was a strange shade of pink.

So, I made this, to be all that.


As I’ve become absorbed and obsessed with making paper flowers, I’ve come to discover the amazing paper artists of the world through Instagram. The work of Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily, is particularly mind blowing. The painstaking inclusion of the smallest variations in colour and leaf shape speak to her incredible talent both as a creator and as an observer.

On the one hand, I’m drawn to this kind of work, simply because it is sheer beauty. On the other hand, I recognize in myself the impulse to improvise and image and impose my own ideas about what flowers should look like.

So, here are a few images of recent flowers. As always, some are real and some are imaginary.


A piece for a lady who is never happier than when she’s in her garden. This variety of Clematis grows up the side of her front porch. I hope it brings a little bit of that glorious summer inside.


A piece for C.M.

One of the best things about making these paper blooms is the play I’m allowed with colours. Blue is an especially rare colour in the floral world, having a lot do do with the acidity in the petals of most blooms.

Perhaps you know that the blue rose is the Holy Grail of flower makers? I’ve just discovered that a true blue rose has been developed by scientists after over 100 years of effort. Well, its not quite blue yet, but it has the potential to yield some true blue offspring.

I’ve still got the market cornered on blue Cherry.




K.M. picked her own tarnished silver vase for this arrangement. I added in some Kousa Dogwood, sunrise Dahlias, orange Poppies, green Camellia,  white Anemone and an Alabaster garden rose.

And, even though I KNOW these blooms aren’t made by nature, I still couldn’t resist putting my nose up to the blossoms *just in case*