Its been a busy few months – mostly involving making lots of flowers and experimenting with new petal shapes and kinds of paper. I’ve been working mostly with crepe, but for these new Peonies, I used some lovely bleached tissue. It think the effect is more Peony -like than stiff crepe. Oh, I should mention that I’ve been very inspired by Paper to Petal, a great book by ┬áRebecca Thuss and Richard Farrell, a wonder duo who create really imaginative and colourful blooms. My Peony has a similar structure and feel.

It’s just in the works now, but the most exciting news is that I may teach these at an upcoming workshop. More details coming soon!


I’ve mentioned this before, but the best part of making paper flowers is that I can create flowers and colours that don’t exist in nature. Being someone dark hearted, I yearn for black and brown flowers that are just impossible to find. Hence.



These are some recent paper flowers. I like the contrast between the salmon coloured Anemone petals and the deep black centre. The Peony petals are made from tissue begged from Anthropologie. The slight waxiness of it makes for some interesting colour variation in the petals.

In other news, I’ve acquired some new horns and a bird’s nest and a perfect dragonfly, so those’ll be going into an arrangement shortly, I hope.

And by the way, Happy Thanksgiving.